Client Testimonials:

"ACI's employment consultants have strong industry knowledge, great networking ability, and, most importantly, posess active listening skills. It's a pleasure to work with people who 'get it', and consequently deliver exactly (and only) what you have asked for."

VP of Human Resources

Internet start-up

"ACI did an excellent job at helping us fill four of the many engineering openings we had a few months ago. They spent time to understand the kind of experience and type of people I was interested in. ACI then presented us with six candidates - four of which we hired. My time was better spent by not interviewing bad fit candidates. Since those hires have worked out well I'm continuing to make ACI aware of new engineering openings I'm trying to fill."

Director Software

Communications start-up

"ACI was key in keeping the communication flow open between us and the candidate ... a very professional shop ... the relationship is very good."

Software Manager

Communications start-up

"It was a pleasure working with our rep at ACI. The resumes I received were from qualified candidates whose experience was exactly what I had specified I needed.  I also feel ACI represented our company and the position we were hiring for accurately.  After we completed the initial interviews, they worked closely with us to resolve any questions we had about the candidate, eventually leading to a very successful hire.  With the effort they expended to learn about the open position and our company culture, ACI is clearly looking for a long term relationship with hiring managers and not just a lucky placement here and there."

VP of Engineering

Software Development Company

"We are a fast growing, dynamic start-up.  At our company we do not have time to review countless unqualified resumes and even less qualified candidates.  A.C.I. helps us find right individuals fast.  Folks at A.C.I. listen!  They understand our needs and help us get exactly who we need."

VP of Development

Internet Start-up

Candidate Testimonials:

"In my recent job search, my experiences working with our rep at ACI were excellent.  Every interview my rep at ACI set me up with was screened to ensure it met my needs professionally, financially and benefits wise.  Before each interview, my rep sent me an email outlining who I would be interviewed by, what their positions are, what the company's business was, what to expect in terms of questions, directions, phone numbers for contact(s) at the company, and a URL so I could check the company out.  The result was I walked into every interview with the information I needed to have a successful interview and knowing at least professionally I probably wanted this job.  I had no interviews I felt were wasted time.

My ACI rep was also great in helping me to define exactly what I wanted or even if I wanted a new job.  There was never any pressure to accept an offer, and he always kept his promises.

My ACI rep was referred to me by a friend who also had a good job search experience.  My rep at ACI was the only recruiter I used on this job search and will be the only recruiter I will use on my next job search."
Senior Engineer
Software Product Development Company

"A.C.I. has been a great help to my career.  They were very attentive to my specific desires and placed me in a terrific job that was exactly what I was looking for.  They never pressured me to take a position; in fact they always made sure I thought through the pros and cons of prospective jobs. They are also very generous in giving career advice and answering questions.  I will use A.C.I.  again and I highly recommend them."
Principal Software Engineer

Internet Start-up

"My ACI rep made contacts with some of the best companies in the area, assisted me in screening for those that interested me, and coached me throughout the interview process.  He was the most professional and responsive of the recruiters who contacted me."
Principal Hardware Engineer
Communications Company

"I can only say good things about ACI. They were a pleasure to deal with - very professional, efficient and understanding. They have good knoweledge of the companies in my sector of the industry and were able to answer my questions. There was no pressure in the process. I would certainly go through them in the future should the need arise."
Principal Software Engineer
Communications Company

"A.C.I. is the only agency I’ve worked with that represented me exactly as I wished. The opportunities located were outstanding and well matched to my requirements. They took the time after the interviews to go over the good and bad points and ensure I was satisfied. And finally, they helped negotiate a deal I could not refuse."
Senior Hardware Engineer
Communications Start-up

"A.C.I. was the most professional service I dealt with.  I would definitely work with A.C.I. again should the need arise."
Design Engineer
Communications Start-up